So the world really must have wanted me to stop eating cake because the day after I wrote the last post, I shadowed in the obesity clinic and was introduced to the ketogenic diet – basically a low carb, moderate protein, high fat diet.  I met a few patients who were successfully losing weight on this diet, so I decided that the heavens were telling me to stop eating cake..and brownies…and pies…and bagels…and bread…oh God.  What am I doing?!

The real kick in the butt was the attending telling me that my goal BMI should be <23, which means I need to lose 15lbs.  I don’t think I’ve been 110 since 7th grade, so we’ll see how this diet goes.  It was nice to get some motivation though.  I went grocery shopping today and came home with the freshest set of groceries I’ve ever bought.  And I made two new things today – beef and broccoli and egg muffins!  Forgot to save a picture of the beef and broccoli, but these cuties came out pretty good!


You can get the recipe at  My taste test muffin was pretty delish!

I also told myself that I would refrain from dessert as much as possible until I lose the weight.  That’s a harder task…must be strong!